International Society for the Oral Literatures of Africa Société Internationale pour les Littératures Orales Africaines
International Society for the Oral Literatures of AfricaSociété Internationale pour les Littératures Orales Africaines 

ISOLA Membership & Dues


ISOLA has three categories of membership namely regular, life and honorary membership.

  1. Regular membership is open to all persons who subscribe to the aims of the Society and upon the payment of annual dues.
  2. Life membership is open to persons eligible for regular membership upon making a single payment, amounting to the sum of at least fifteen years of continued regular subscription, thereafter becoming exempt from the annual payment of dues.
  3. Honorary membership is recognition of achievement and distinction. The Executive Council shall nominate and the General Meeting shall elect honorary members. The maximum number of nominees at a General Meeting shall not exceed two members. The number of honorary members is limited to 35 members at any one time.


All ISOLA Members, conference participants – panelists and individual contributors – must pay ISOLA membership dues. Dues are payable on a two-yearly basis. Please note that this includes new members. Dues cover certain conferences expenses as well as post-conference services, website fees and maintenance and, when required, costs related to translation and to the publication of conference proceedings.


ISOLA dues are indexed on the country income classification of the World Bank. Scholars and students in High Income countries pay the full rate (100%). Other dues are calculated in US Dollars as shown:


  Percentage  Annual   Annual   



Two  years  Dues
Independent Scholars and Students
Two years 
A.High Income   100% 45 90 30 60
B.Middle Income
Upper Tier
0.85 37.5 77 25.5 51 
C.Middle Income Lower Tier 0.65  30  60  19.5  39 
D.Low Income 0.45  20.5  41  13.5  27 

Banking/Mode of Payment:


  • Payment for the conference must only be made after a personalized invoice has been issued by the treasurer.
  • Payment can be made using the PayPal system. Please ensure that it is an authentic Paypal website – look out for the URL. (Note the “s” in the https!) Log in and follow the steps for payment. Invoices will contain information about making the Paypal payment.
  • Participants from South Africa and those wanting to pay by wire transfer must make their payments into the following account:





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